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Teen SRP: Intro to Dungeons & Dragons
Age(s) 11-Adult
Curious about Dungeons and Dragons™ after watching Stranger Things? or maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a quest?! Get a two hour crash course at the library, where you’ll learn the basics and set out on your first guided adventure! Each participant will get to take home their own set of gaming dice to continue their own campaigns!
(Dungeons and Dragons is a social, tabletop role-playing game in a medieval fantasy environment where participants work together to imagine and overcome puzzles, dungeons, and monsters.)
Pre-registration is required. Register online or call 241-8295.
Teen Craft
Date Day Time Location Registrations
7/24/2018 Tuesday, July 24th 2:00 PM Carlson 6/12 Add to Cart
7/26/2018 Thursday, July 26th 2:00 PM Main 9/12 Add to Cart